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August 28, 2020 |

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Ohio County Healthcare invests $21.5M in surgical wing expansion project.

Hartford – Ohio County Healthcare has secured $21.5M in funding from the United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development program for the expansion of hospital properties to include a new surgical wing, purchase of new equipment, renovation of vacated space, and refinancing of existing debt.

Ohio County Healthcare will use the investment to build a new 26,000 square-foot surgical center that will include a walkway connecting it to the existing building, a large waiting area, multiple procedure rooms of various sizes, rooms for pre-op and post-operative care, and spaces for staff, testing, equipment, and supplies. OCH has contracted with Earl Swensson Architects out of Nashville for design of the project. They are anticipating breaking ground on the new surgical wing in the spring of 2021.

“Quality healthcare brings strength to our rural communities, and projects like this to construct a new surgical center help bring better healthcare to Ohio County and the surrounding communities.” said Hilda Legg, USDA Rural Development State Director. She also thanked the federal government for being valuable partners in helping rural communities across the commonwealth to provide essential services to their residents. Ms. Legg presented Blaine Pieper, CEO with a plaque during today’s announcement commemorating this partnership to expand access to care in rural communities.

The project was publicly announced today during a CARES Act News conference hosted by Senator Mitch McConnell. During the visit, Senator McConnell spoke of the over 12 million dollars of federal funds and loans received by Ohio County Healthcare during the Covid-19 pandemic. He praised OCH for securing CARES act funding from the Medicare Advanced Payment program, the paycheck protection program, and other public health relief funds. The funding was used to implement needed Covid-19 testing and treatment resources, as well as to, help offset the loss of revenues from the suspension of elective surgeries for several months. Senator McConnell also recognized the many Ohio County Healthcare Heroes who continue to provide screening, testing, and treatment services for Covid-19 patients.

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