RN/LPN-Urology Clinic

September 22, 2021 |

Department: 055-Urology

Position: RN/LPN-Urology Clinic

Status: Part Time

Shift: Days

The following are required: ☒ Weekends ☐ Weekends weekend on call for quick care one weekend or less per year ☐ Holidays ☐ Call

Educational Preference: 2 year degree

Experience: Preferred 2 years

Description of Job: Essential Job Functions: I. Assesses and Diagnoses Nursing Care Needs of Patients in All Age Groups II. Prescribes, Delivers, Delegates, Supervises and Evaluates Nursing Care for All Age Groups III. Patient (significant others) Education IV. Maintains Safe and Therapeutic Environment of Care for Patients V. Upholds Standards of Nursing Practice and Code of Ethics VI. Professional Self-Development VII. Exhibits Positive Human Relations Performance Criteria I. Assesses and Diagnoses Nursing Care Needs of Patients in All Age Group A. Pertinent assessment data are collected using appropriate assessment techniques (interview, observation, inspection, auscultation, palpation and review of reports and records). Established screening questions are completed and documented. B. Data collection involves the patients, significant others, and other health care providers as appropriate. C. Documents patient assessment data using established medical record forms/ EHR and documentation practices. D. Patient problems are derived from the assessment data and in collaboration with the patient/significant others. E. Demonstrates knowledge of normal growth and development. II. Prescribes, Delivers, Delegates, Supervises and Evaluates Nursing Care for All Age Groups A. Nursing Care reflects current nursing practice. B. Nursing Care provides for continuity of care. C. Delegates responsibility for nursing interventions according to the support staff’s level of education, orientation, experience and scope of practice as mandated by licensure and regulations. D. Performs nursing interventions which are outside the scope of practice for LPN’s and MOA’s. Performs nursing interventions in a safe manner and according to established policy and procedure, and documents appropriately in the medical record. E. Evaluates and reassesses patient’s status and acts accordingly. F. Gives concise and pertinent hand off communication providing necessary information relative to patient care. G. Checks and validates medical orders and assures that the orders were communicated to the appropriate personnel. H. Discusses with provider any orders which do not seem appropriate or are incomplete or unclear. III. Patient (significant others) Education A. Assists with identifying the learning needs of the patient and in developing teaching plan. B. Appropriate teaching methods and supporting materials are used in accordance with Meaningful Use parameters set forth by the practice. C. Patient/family education as well as the patient’s response to education is documented in the medical record. IV. Maintains Safe and Therapeutic Environment of Care for Patients A. Maintains exam rooms and patient care areas with necessary supplies and materials. B. Ensures cleanliness. C. Ensures safe, clutter-free environment. D. Orders supplies as needed. E. Assists provider during procedures in accordance with established policies and procedures; assures for safety and privacy of patient. F. Uses patient identifiers according to policy, as well as observes other NPSG related to work responsibilities. G. Executes prescribed treatments and medical interventions, administers prescribed medications, and monitors and documents treatment and patient’s response according to established policies and procedures/standard of care. Accurately documents medications administered to patient and includes NEC and lot numbers as required. H. Responds to/refers incoming patient treatment-related phone calls in timely manner. I. Assures that patient/significant others understand treatment and medication instructions. J. Discharge vital signs are obtained prior to the patient’s discharge according to policy. K. Adheres to blood and body fluid precautions, as well as all other infection control policies, including exposure control plan and employee health protocols. L. Knowledgeable of and implements emergency operations plans as indicated. M. Utilizes proper body mechanics. N. Removes any faulty equipment from service, labels it “out of service” and notifies supervisor of need for repair. O. Event reports completed accurately and completely and are forwarded to the supervisor. P. Ensures appointment preferences are given to patients in emergency situations. Q. Documents required elements accurately in the medical record. R. Understands that patient care and satisfaction are primary concerns of the Practice. V. Upholds Standards of Nursing Practice and Code of Ethics A. Code of Ethics and Standards of Nursing Practice are continually met. B. Performs all nursing procedures according to the established policies and procedures of the organization. C. Meets licensure requirements. D. Recognizes and supports the Patient’s Bill of Rights and maintains confidentiality in all matters. Compliant with HIPAA Regulations. E. Acts as a role model for staff, providing leadership and direction consistent with the purpose, vision and values of the organization. F. Follows and upholds hospital wide personnel policies. G. Committed to continuous performance improvement and actively participates in and supports the organization’s improvement efforts. H. Adheres to legal compliance policies. VI. Professional Self-Development A. Attends mandatory meetings and inservices pertinent to his/her area of practice. B. Maintains BLS provider status. C. Maintains contact hours in nursing continuing education as required for licensure. D. Maintains clinical skills as evidenced through competency testing and on-going observation by direct supervisor. E. Accepts supervision. Seeks guidance as needed and accepts supervisory feedback non- Defensively. F. Attends 80% of staff meeting per year. G. Demonstrates competency in navigating ECW and CPSI, and in assisting provider(s) in attaining acceptable Meaningful Use, PQRS, and HEDIS measures. VII. Exhibits Positive Human Relations A. Demonstrates a cooperative attitude when interacting with others. Is able to efficiently communicate with coworkers in a clear, understandable manner. B. Tactful – maintains composure and is diplomatic in all situations. C. Treats all hospital associates, patients, and visitors with courtesy, compassion, and respect. Exhibits caring attitude towards co-workers. D. Shows enthusiasm for job and supports the hospital’s purpose, vision, values and policies. E. Uses time effectively and set appropriate priorities. F. Follows up on all patient complaints/concerns in an effective manner and communicates to the supervisor as indicated. G. Shows evidence of handling assignments by supervisor. H. Adheres to lines of authority and uses proper channels for communication. I. Dress and grooming reflect pride in self and the organization. J. Courteous, friendly, and helpful to new employees, students, and personnel from other areas assigned temporarily to area. Explains work accurately, clearly and according to established policy and procedure. Able to work as a member of a team and also independently. K. Demonstrates reliability and dependability in attendance and punctuality. L. Cooperates with staffing needs; assists with covering open shifts when needed. Demonstrates flexibility in work assignments; is open to new initiatives and change in work-flow if and when necessary. M. Supports organizational accountability and demonstrates such through work.

Location: Clinical

Director/Manager Name, Title and Contact Information: Shelly Casteel, Director of Specialty Practices, scasteel@ochcares.com, 270-298-5280

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