RN - Pre-Admission Testing

June 13, 2024 |

Department: Pre-Admission Testing

Status/Schedule: Full time

Shift: Days

Location: Hartford, KY

For more information contact: Laura Grant, lkgrant@ochcares.com


  • Educational Preference: 2 year degree

  • Experience: Preferred

  • Additional requirements / comments / education / experience / skills, registration or certification:

    ACLS, PALS, & BLS acquired within 6 months of hire.

Job Description:

  • The Job description reflects the general details considered necessary to fulfill the essential job functions and shall not be construed as a detailed description of all work requirements inherent in this position. Other specific job-related knowledge and skills may be required.


    1. The priority of data collection is determined by the patient’s immediate condition of needs.

    2. The pertinent assessment data is collected using appropriate assessment techniques (interview,

    observation, inspection palpation, and review of reports and records.)

    3. Validation of patient problems and data collection involves the client significant others, family, and

    health care providers as appropriate.

    4. Ensures that assessment data are communicated among the health care team pre-operatively, intra-

    operatively, and post-operatively and is recorded and revised appropriately.


    1. Nursing interventions reflect current nursing practice and are based on scientific knowledge and

    documented on the record.

    2. Delegates responsibility for nursing interventions according to the support staff level of education,

    orientation experience, and scope of practice as mandated by the Nurse Practice Act.

    3. Frequency of reassessments is appropriate to the condition of the patient. Documents patients’

    response to the nursing interventions o the surgical records.

    4. Gives a concise report to receiving unit providing necessary information relative to patient care and

    their progress toward resolution of identified problems when the patient is transferred to a unit.

    5. Accurately transcribes and implements medical orders and assures that medical orders are

    communicated to all affected ancillary staff.

    6. Demonstrates knowledge of sterile/aseptic techniques.

    7. Recognizes cardiac arrhythmias and follows appropriate treatment protocol.

    8. Demonstrates knowledge and skills of all patient procedures.


    1. Identifies learning needs of self and other staff and assist in the development and implementation of learning opportunities.

    2. Provides “on the spot coaching” to personnel observed in unacceptable behavior. Coaching is done in a constructive manner and in privacy.

    3. Determines patient learning needs and provides teaching or makes an appropriate referral. Appropriate teaching methods and supporting materials are used for patient instruction.

4. Documentation in the medical record reflects content and type of instruction and the patients’ response to the instruction.

5. Ensures the incorporation of post-operative care into expected outcomes by pre-operative teaching.

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