MA - Quick Care Team Lead

June 28, 2024 |

Department: 065

Status/Schedule: Full Time

Shift: Days; weekends & holidays as required

Location: Hartford, KY

For more information contact: Olivia Burden, or Dana Nall,


  • Education: Certification(CCMA/RMA/CMA)
  • Experience: Required 2 years
  • Additional requirements / comments / education / experience / skills, registration or certification:

    CCMA or RMA certification required.

    2 years Quick Care experience Required; 4+ years preferred. Will take 2 years leadership experience in lieu of Quick Care Experience.

Job Description: The clinical team lead may assist in a variety of administrative functions and patient care activities in support of the clinic. Assists clinical staff in providing support for the efficient delivery of patient care.

1. Communication

2. Assist in management of clinical staff schedules (non-provider staff).

3. Evaluates staff members’ performance, provides intime redirection and guidance, and reports recurrent performance issues to Quick Care Supervisor.

4. Maintains safe and therapeutic environment.

5. Upholds standards of practice of all age groups and code of ethics.

6. Professional self-development

7. Exhibits positive human relations.

A. Communication

1. Keeps Quick Care Supervisor, Clinical Staff Operations Manager, and/or Facility Manager informed of matters which are of importance to the wellbeing of the clinic and staff.

2. Attends necessary and required meetings.

3. Good rapport with practitioners as well as other healthcare providers and works with team members.

4. Gives clear directions both verbal and written.

5. High availability and visibility.

6. Listens attentively and requests clarification and/or feedback.

B. Assist in management and control of budget.

1. Make recommendations to clinical supervisor and/or practice manager for budget items.

2. Maintains budget.

3. Coordinates coverage for Quick Care & fills in as necessary.

4. In absence of Quick Care Supervisor, assists with schedules and/or payroll for staff and forwards to facility manager.

5. Delegates responsibilities according to scope of practice and age-appropriate care.

6. Maintains staffing levels consistent with patient flow.

7. Reduces waste and rework.

8. Assure staff members are productive.

9. Assures the departments/clinics have necessary supplies.

C. Evaluates staff members performance and escalates performance concerns as appropriate.

1. Provide input into performance appraisal process to supervisor or practice manager regarding performance of staff, can evaluate according to scope.

2. Identifies learning needs of staff and assists in development and attendance to offering.

3. Assists with orientation of new staff/students.

4. Assists with training in services and monitoring compliance with clinical processes.

5. Understands and utilizes electronic medical record including medication reconciliation.

6. In absence of Quick Care Supervisor, may be required to counsel and coach staff and report to practice/facility manager.

D. Maintains safe and therapeutic environment.

1. Responds to rapid medical response and/or code white situations.

2. Collaborates with staff and maintenance to assure faulty equipment is removed from service, completes event report and monitors when repaired or replaced.

3. Supervises safe and efficient delivery of patient care to patients in all age groups.

4. Serve as point of contact for clinic regarding joint commission and OSHA regulations in absence of clinical supervisor.

5. Reports to area assigned during a mass disaster event.

6. Maintains and assures staff know location of personal protective equipment and proper use.

7. Applies pediatric safety guidelines as appropriate.

8. Assists with orientation of new employees/students. Encourages staff to welcome new employees/students and assist with their orientation, including preceptorships.

9. Accountable for ensuring patient safety while performing his/her duties.

E. Upholds standards of nursing practice of all age groups and code of ethics.

1. Code of ethics and standards of practice are continually met.

2. Performs all procedures according to the established policies and procedures of Ohio County Healthcare; adheres to legal compliance policies.

3. Meets licensure requirements.

4. Reports to assigned area immediately if occurrence of mass disaster.

5. Recognizes and supports the patient’s bill of rights and maintains confidentiality in all hospital matters.

6. Acts as a role model for staff, providing leadership and direction consistent with the purpose, vision and values of OCH as well as all policies and regulatory requirements.

7. Actively participates in review and revision of policies and procedures as assigned.

F. Professional Self Development

1. Attends in-services that pertain to assigned areas and that are applicable, at least 6 per year. These in-services shall include fire, safety, mass disaster, and infection control (exposure control plan, HIV, TB and other infectious diseases). Must complete mandatory annual in-services.

2. Must maintain BLS provider status.

3. Maintains clinical skills as evidenced through competency testing.

4. Has desire to learn new skills/information relating to job duties and does so.

5. Attends 80% of staff/supervisory meetings per year.

G. Exhibits Positive Human Relations

1. Demonstrates a cooperative attitude in interactions with others.

2. Tactful – maintains composure and is diplomatic in all situations.

3. Treats all hospital associates, patients, visitors with courtesy and respect. Exhibits caring attitude towards co-workers.

4. Shows enthusiasm for the job and supports the hospital, the hospital’s purpose, vision and values, as well as policies.

5. Shows evidence of prompt and thorough response in handling correspondence, reports and special projects as assigned.

6. Uses time effectively and sets appropriate priorities.

7. Follows up on all patient concerns referred by staff or practice manager or clinical supervisor in an effective manner immediately and communicates the findings to practice manager. (Patient concern report, occurrence report completed and submitted within 24 hours of complaint.)

8. Demonstrates reliability and dependability in attendance and punctuality.

a. Perfect attendance – exceeds requirement.

b. Absent 1-5 occurrences – meets requirement

c. Absent 6 or more occurrences – needs improvement, does not meet requirement

9. Cooperates with staffing needs; assists with covering open shifts when needed.

10. Supports organizational accountability and demonstrates such through work.

11. May be requested to be member of QI team.

12. Frequently accesses email to stay up to date on information within the organization and provides a way of communication between staff members.

Other duties as assigned.

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