February 8, 2024 |

Department: Transport

Status/Schedule: Full Time

Shift: Day shift

Location: All sites

For more information contact: Kyle Graham,


  • Education: High school diploma or GED
  • Experience: None required

Job Description:

  • Medical courier transports important documents, supplies and specimens between facilities. This job holds high importance because the organization depends on how documents and specimens are handled, particularly where integrity of samples is concerned. Medical courier needs to be exceptionally vigilant when carrying and transporting these so that loss, theft, or contamination does not occur. Position also performs minor maintenance tasks between transports. Reports to the Facilities/Maintenance Manager and keeps their manager informed of issues encountered. Other duties may be assigned.

    • Courier will follow pick-up and delivery destinations, as much as possible, per route schedule.

    • Will also be responsible for non-scheduled pick-up or deliveries as deemed by Director(s) or designee. Pick-up or deliveries will be assessed as Emergent or Urgent to determine the necessity of schedule changes to avoid conflicts.

    • Chart out shortest and most efficient way to reach delivery destination on conventional maps or the GPS.

    • Drive delivery vehicles to the destination by ensuring delivery haul integrity at all times.

    • Picks up parcels containing medical records and charts and patient samples and read and understand instructions for care

    • Place or stack safely in delivery vehicle along with corresponding papers and receipts

    • Verify name of the recipient by checking identities and hand over parcels to them

    • Ascertain that signatures are obtained on receipts and that any correlating paperwork is handed over

    • Return any undelivered packs/parcels to the facility and provide valid reasons for failed deliveries

    • Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on delivery vehicle including all changes, tire air pressure and fueling

    • Will be assigned general maintenance duties between scheduled routes.

    • May be requested to be a member of QI team.

    Frequently accesses email to stay up to date on information within the organization and provides a way of communication between staff members.

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