Medical Courier (PRN)

November 17, 2021 |

Department: Facilities

Status/Schedule: PRN

Shift: Varies

For more information contact: Kyle Graham,


  • Education: High school diploma or GED
  • Experience: Preferred 1 year
  • Will also consider persons who are currently enrolled in high school with a valid State of KY drivers license and have the ability to drive their own vehicle for transport.

Job Description:

  • Must be licensed in the State of Kentucky to operate a vehicle.
  • Courier will follow pick-up and delivery destinations, as much as possible, per route schedule
  • Will also be responsible for non-scheduled pick-up or delivers as deemed by Director(s) or designee.
  • Pick-up or deliveries will be assessed as Emergent or Urgent to determine necessity of schedule changes to avoid conflicts.
  • Chart out shortest and most efficient way to reach delivery destination on conventional maps or the GPS.
  • Drive delivery vehicle to the destination by ensuring delivery haul integrity at all times
  • Pick up parcels containing medical records and charts and patient samples and read and understand instructions for care
  • Place or stack safely in delivery vehicle along with corresponding papers and receipts
  • Verify name of the recipient by checking identities and hand over parcels to them
  • Ascertain that signatures are obtained on receipts and that any correlating paperwork is handed over
  • Return any undelivered packs / parcels to the facility and provide valid reasons for failed deliveries
  • Perform both preventative and regular maintenance on delivery vehicle including oil changes, tire air pressure and fueling
  • May be assigned general maintenance duties between scheduled routes.

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